What are HOA’s? What do they do?

A homeowners association or HOA is an organization in a subdivision, community, or condominium that enforces rules for the property within its jurisdiction. If you are to purchase a property you automatically become a member of your HOA and dues will be required. Some HOA’s can be very restrictive with what homeowners can do with their property. Homeowners association’s have a great amount of control over properties. They require you to pay dues, and if you don’t then they can place a lien on your property or penalties can be imposed for breaking the rules.

Although HOA’s have a great control over your property there are some great benefits to being apart of one. The members aim for a high standard of appearance for the property. The HOA also provides a good amount of rules and regulations for the community. There are various amenities that come along with being apart of a great organization like this. It is very beneficial because of the numerous amenities and stable community that comes along with it.

Everyone knows that even though there is a lot of advantages of HOA’s, there are always some disadvantages. Some disadvantages of being apart of a HOA are the high cost of all the association fees. Also HOA’s have been deemed too restrictive for some homeowners because of the harsh expectations and regulations.

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