The Who’s Who of Real Estate

Buying any real estate means working with a lot of different people and it can get confusing. But don’t worry, We’re here to help! Here is a who’s who guide on the most common different people you will work with when buying real estate:



The Appraiser is going to be the individual or companies that decide how much the property being sold is actually worth. They carefully inspect the interior and exterior of the house to assess the condition and livability of the property.


Buyer’s and Seller’s Attorney

The Buyer’s and Seller’s Attorney’s protect their respective client’s best interest buy reviewing mortgage agreements, title documents, and other legal documents. In addition, they aid with the closing process to make it smoother for their client.


Home Inspector

A Home Inspector is a certified individual who conducts a thorough examination of the property being sold and creates a detailed report of the current condition. Unlike Appraisers, they do not determine the value, only the condition.


Insurance Agent

The Insurance Agent is an individual who is prepared to help you find the best insurance for the property being sold. They usually represent several different companies and are therefore equipped to help you find the right policy for you.


Mortgage Broker

A Mortgage Broker will negotiate between the applicant and the loaner in order to help get the applicant the best deal. They will also help through the application process and until the loan is finalized.

Mortgage Loaner

The mortgage loaner is the source of the loan, usually a bank.



A Surveyor is going to take precise measurements of the property in order to determine the exact borders of properties. It is most common to user a surveyor when purchasing large amounts of land.


Transaction Broker

The Transaction Broker will neither work for the buyer or the seller but rather work as a neutral party in order to negotiate between the buyer and seller. They will help negotiate on behalf of both parties in order to create a compromise and finalized the sale.

For all of your real estate needs, please contact the Hornburg Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Realty at or (817) 264-7087.

Published by The Hornburg Real Estate Group at One West Real Estate Co.

I began my real estate career in 2004 in Orlando, Florida. I relocated to my native Texas in 2012 with my family and started my business over from scratch! It's always a learning opportunity when you're focused on building a business through helping others and my story is just that! We have had the pleasure of growing a business and then getting into business with the very best agents in Dallas Fort Worth to help us grow & expand our mission, vision and values in the real estate market! We'd love the opportunity to show you what we are all about and how we exceed expectations!

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