Thinking about a Part-Time Real Estate Career?


If you’re thinking about a part-time career in real estate, watch the video above for more information about Keller Williams Arlington and what they have to offer as a quick overview.  There is so much more available that will be pertinent on an individual basis!

Big questions to be asking yourself to ensure success are….

  1. How much time per week will I have to invest in my real estate career?
  2. Will I be able to commit to being learning based as I get going to learn how to best serve my clients?
  3. What are my goals?  (Is it a number of houses sold, income created or learning objectives?) Having clearly defined goals helps you move forward quickly and determine your success as you go.
  4. What will it take for me to move into a full-time agent position (if that’s something you’d like)?  Is it a certain amount in savings? What is that qualifier for you?
  5. What am I looking for in a brokerage?  What will my ideal broker be able to invest in me and provide for me?

For more information about a part-time career in real estate, please reach out! or

DFW Real Estate Market Update: May 2020

Market Update: The market is UP ↗️ & interest rates are LOW ⬇️

In the last WEEK….

🤩 2,783 New Properties
🤩 2,536 Active Option
🤩 3,078 Pending Contracts
🤩 2,238 Sold Properties

Rates for 15 year mortgages are 2.86% 😱 and 30 year fixed is still hovering around 3.5%!!!! So many options, so much opportunity in the market right now! If you’re thinking about buying, selling, investing or a career in real 🏡 estate, give us a call!

☎️ Dallas, Far North Texas: 214-810-4553
📱 Tarrant, FW, South DFW: 817-264-7087


DFW Market Update – May 2020

Wow! The market is on fire! Check out the last 7 days from North Texas’ real estate market!

🔥 2,864 New Listings

🔥 2,593 Active Option

🔥 2,981 Pending Contracts

🔥 2,144 Sold

Properties Interest rates are LOW at 3-3.5% for 30-year fixed and we are seeing a lot of buyers utilize home buying grants right now, too! Give us a call for a complimentary market consultation and we’ll get you on the path to achieve your real estate goals!

☎️ (817) 264-7087 Tarrant, FW & South DFW

☎️ (214) 810-4553 Dallas, Denton, Collin, Far North Dallas







North Texas Market Update – May 2020

The DFW market is hot! In the past 7 days, we’ve had:

🏡 2,815 New Properties

🏡 2,436 Under Contract

🏡 2,956 Pending

🏡 1,892 Sold Properties

The market is heating up and interest rates are low! It’s a perfect time to get into the market! Give us a call for a complementary market consultation!

📱 Dallas, Far North Dallas: 214-810-4553 📱 Tarrant, FW & South DFW: 817-264-7087



North Texas Market Update – May 2020


The economy is opening back up and the real estate market is on fire!!

🔥 2,954 New Listings

🔥 2,160 Active Option

🔥 2,410 Pending

🔥 2,343 Sold

Agents aren’t created equal, be sure you hire an expert! Give us a shout for a no-obligation market consultation! ☎️ Dallas, Far North Dallas: 214-810-4553 📱FW, Tarrant & South DFW: 817-264-7087 💻


North Texas Market Update

What’s the market in Dallas Fort Worth doing this week? We discuss that here along with an exciting new change regarding coming soon listings!

In the last 7 days, the DFW market has seen:

🏡 2,417 New Properties to the market

🏡 1,867 Under Contract

🏡 2,241 Pending Contracts

🏡 1,982 Sold Properties


We’d love to earn your business and show you what sets us apart!

📱 Dallas, Far North Dallas & Surrounding Area (214) 810-4553

📱 South DFW, Tarrant, Johnson, Ellis & Greater Area (817) 264-7087



North Texas Market Update

What’s happening in the real estate market in DFW? We discuss this here along with changes in lending, cash buyer & saving thousands!

In the last 7 days, the North Texas market has had:

⭐️ 2,084 New Listings

⭐️ 1,594 Newly Executed

⭐️ 1,943 Pending Contracts

⭐️ 1,976 Sold Properties


We want to earn your business!  Give us a call or visit our website for more info on how to get on the path to homeownership!

📱FW & South DFW: (817) 264-7087

📱Dallas & North DFW: (214) 810-4553





North Texas Market Update

How’s the real estate market during the quarantine in DFW? We discuss this & how to get cash offers on your home today!

In the last 7 days in DFW:

🏘 1,971 New Homes

🏘 1,338 Active Option Contracts

🏘 1,706 Pending Contracts

🏘 1,905 Sold Properties

💰 Rates are at 3.25-3.5% for a 30-yr fixed We’d love to answer your questions and earn your future business! 🙌🏼


📱 Tarrant, Johnson, South DFW: 817-264-7087

📱 Far North Dallas, Dallas: 214-810-4553




North Texas Real Estate Update

Quarantine Week 4: Market Update

🔥 2,339 New Listings
🔥 1,249 Active Option
🔥 1,847 Pending Contracts
🔥 2,396 Closed

💰 Rates are at 3.5% for a 30-yr fixed

📲Watch the video to see one of our clients is buying a home around $265,000 with only $3,000 out of pocket! 🤯

We’d love to answer your questions and earn your future business! 🙌🏼

📱 Tarrant, Johnson, South DFW: 817-264-7087
📱 Far North Dallas, Dallas: 214-810-4553

Week 2: Corona virus pandemic… Market Update


What’s the real estate market doing right now?  In Dallas Fort Worth, there hasn’t been much change this week except for Dallas County’s “shelter in place” order.  That means that no one should leave their home unless they’re an “essential” worker.

The market is still active with listings come on the market, going under contract and closing!  As an example of that, in the past three days 240 new listings came on the market, 247 offers accepted, 299 pendings and 172 homes sold.  It’s still a great market!

We are taking precautions for all of our sellers and for our buyers as well.  We have multiple strategies to help you achieve your real estate goals whether it’s now or in the future.  If you have down time during the pandemic, we’d love to conduct a Zoom meeting with you to learn more about your home’s value or the buying process.  We are here for you, let us know how we can help!

FW: 817-264-7087

Dallas: 210-810-4553

Search for homes & find more info at